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We at Daffodils recognise that the people who children interact with on a regular basis play a crucial role in their development. Our nurseries are fortunate to have motivated staff teams with low turnover who are caring, friendly and approachable which enables children and parents to build strong relationships, key to your child’s progress.


Our exceptional staff teams include members from diverse backgrounds and having a diverse team enhances children’s learning experience as well as reflecting their local communities.


Each nursery has an experienced Manager who is well versed in the Early Years curriculum and guidelines and is on hand to listen to parents concerns. They are responsible for their staff team which includes Deputy Manager’s, Nursery practitioners and Apprentices.


Every child is allocated a member of staff as a key worker, which means that each child will have a member of staff who is responsible for making detailed observations and writing reports. We encourage parents to discuss their child’s progress with the responsible key worker.


Our staff are all recruited through a safe recruitment system. They all hold the relevant qualifications and go through enhanced CRB checks..

Current Vacancies:

Nursery Assistant

Staff Requirements:

Level 3 Qualified

Joining Us:

Daffodils are always searching for people who can join and enhance our staff teams. If you are interested in joining our exceptional staff teams please complete the form below.

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