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Food & Nutrition


At Daffodils we recognise how important meals are to a child's development by both providing the required nutrition for children to progress mentally and physically as well as developing their attitude to food and lifestyle.

With this in mind, Daffodils freshly prepares meals on the premises daily, with a dedicated nursery cook working as part of the nursery team in providing the children with snacks, lunch and tea through the day. 

Each nursery has a set menu which alternates in 4 weekly intervals ensuring children are able to taste a variety of different foods each week. We also take into account dietary requirements and work closely with parents to ensure each child's needs are met.

Meal times are a big part of a day at Daffodils and we pride ourselves on ensuring children are provided with a tasty, nutritious meal and seek to make meal times a positive experience for all. 

If you want to find out more about food and nutrition at Daffodils, please feel free to visit your local nursery and meet with our nursery managers.

Cooked at Daffodils

Daffodils Recipes


Every so often we post different recipes that we have cooked before ourselves in one of our nurseries and that you can enjoy at home!

Our Meals

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Tomato Pasta

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Lentil Soup

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Fairy Cakes


Chicken Pilau

Follow a Balanced Diet

A child requires a balanced diet to ensure they are receiving the appropriate nutrition to support their growth and development.

See below guidance from the NHS with respect to what types of food should be in a balanced diet.

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